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Tired, Achy or Over worked...

Happy Feet Spa has the answer! We specialize in Chinese reflexology focusing on the pressure points of your feet relate to various body systems. Whether you are suffering from fatigue, arthritis or other ailments, we can help you relax and restore your energy.

151 Endicott St.

Danvers MA 978-750-8866

150 Lincoln St. #1A

Boston MA 617-348-2988    

Visit us today to rejuvenate your sole (soul). Our locations are easy to find:

Picture of the front desk

How it works:

Enjoy your choice of coffee, tea, soda or water and fresh fruit while we target your specific needs.

1 hour session: soak your feet in a wooden tub with Chinese herbs while you sit back and relax and we work on your head, shoulders, and arms. Then we work on the pressure points of your feet and finish with a focus on your neck and back

1/2 hour session: A shortened version of the 1 hour session. Offering a 10 minute soak and 20 minutes focus on the pressure points of your feet.

Picture explaining our service and which pressure points we focus on.


1/2 hour $45

1 hour $65

1 ½ hour $90

2 hour $110

Ask about our customer loyalty program (buy 10 get 1 free).

Gift Cards are available and a great gift idea for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Holidays or just to say you care. NOTE: We only accept gift cards issued by our company.

Package Deals!

All locations(Cash only)

  • Option1 - Buy 7 get 1 FREE
  • Option 2 - Buy 12 get 2 FREE

All package deals may be shared with a friend.


1/2 hour $35

- 1 hour $55

- 1 ½ hour $75

- 2 hour $95

-1 hour Gift card - $49

Hope to see you soon!

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